Keen Hiking Boots - My Favorite Winter Hiking/Snowshoeing Boot

I bought these boots around October of 2008 and have been wearing them at least 3 times a week throughout the entire winter hiking 2008-2009 Winter season. That averages out to be at least 78 hikes or 234 hours of hiking I've put these boots through during the past 6 months and they still look as good as new! That's a LOT of snow, rain, ice, mud and cold temperatures that I've tested them in and plowed through! And my feet have been super comfortable through it all! I have to give my orthodics in my shoes credit AND always wearing a quality Smart Wool sock have added to my perfect recipe for complete foot comfort in the winter. Six months later, my Keen Hiking Boots look as good as new and I continue to wear them during the spring and summer months. In the spring and summer,when I'm hiking in more water and not wearing this hiking boot, I'm wearing Keen Hiking Sandals.